KTM 300exc 2006 mdl, gearbox drama...

Hey guys, Have just bought a ktm 300exc 2006 mdl, When i first got the bike i drained all the fluid and replaced them without a drama,

After 4 rides i changed gearbox oil and found my problem, attached to the magnetic sump plug was a small (6mm) bolt with a hecs head (allan key) flush head. Dont know what it is? where it came from? or what to do to fix it? Help please..

Sorry i cant help you but i just bought the same model and will be watching this thread.


I know that the rekluse units use small hex bolts like you mention. They are supposed to be loctited into place when the units installed. Maybe your bike has or had a rekluse?

kinda like the small ones in this pic..


a picture would be nice.

I do think there might be several like that holding the steel plate by the shifter ratchet.

Im thinking shifter mechanism too

yeah the hex bolts in the picture provided look very similar to the ones in the photo?

Best suggestion to fixing the problem? DIY or mechanic....

well if it had an auto clutch and it was removed they probly just dropped a bolt and thats the end of it. If it is a loose part that fell off the current set-up then it needs to be fixed. It could also be a part lost and the bolt has been replaced and they just didnt find the lost part. I woukld remove the right side case and clutch hub and look at the area to try n see where it came from. No need for a mechanic if you have done this stuff before. If not then the clutch hub is the only issue-getting it off and back on tight.

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