tech 10's or sg 12's

i'm ready for some new boots, had a pair of tech 8's but the soles wore right down to the peg bad. Should i get tech 10's or sg 12's? If anybody has the sg 12's let me know how they hold up...i do alot of riding need durability.

I got the sg 10's. They seam to be holding up much better then my riding buddies tech 8's. Each with about a year of use on them, mine look like new, his not so much. I know these are one model down, but I think its a pretty close comparison. These boots are the best boots ive ever owned by far, I cant recommend them enough.

i have had all 4 t8-t10 and sg10 and ag12 and all i will say is go with the gaerne's they are much higher quality. i like the sg10s better for replacement parts but i think the sg12 have a little long wear life to them. the Astars are a great boot but the only thing i hate is the soles they wear out in 1-1.5 seasons.

I haven't used my SG10s enough to discuss durability yet, but I will say I love them! Can't say enough good things about them and when the time comes to replace them I'll be buying another pair.

wow...there seems to be one of these threads every three days. How bout a little searching. I bought SG-12's two months ago. Love 'em, never going back.

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