what year is my xr75?

I bought a 1978 xr75 buy I am not sure it is a 1978. Engine serial number is1524324. I also would like to find a rebuilt head but have had no luck on the internet. Does anyone know where I can find one? It's smoking so I think it's tired.

Probably need to replace the valve guides, valve seals and piston rings. Not to hard of a job, I've done a bunch of em. Most of the xr 75-80 top end stuff is the same.

Good luck

Just check on the frame if it says 1978 its most likely a 79

Going by that number it is a 78'.

1973 - XR75-1000001

1974 - XR75-1100001

1975 - XR75-1200002

1976 - XR75-1300001

1977 - XR75-1400013

1978 - XR75-1500013

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