pitbike pitfalls

I'm thinking of buying a 2006 crf70 just for stunting around the driveway/yard, and letting my girlfriends grandson ride. I found a used one but the swingarm has been powder coated black and brand new rims have been laced up. I looked it over and it all seems OK. Swingarm bushings and wheel bearings seemed tight it has a new chain and sporkets, tires. It starts right up and idles nice and seemed to ride OK. Is there anything I should watch out for on these bikes?

From what I hear they don't like to die and if anything is wrong with it parts are very cheap, you can buy a Lifan 100cc motor for 300 and that's probly the most expensive part of the bike!! And it not too old I have a 2007 runs lime a top if it's a good price I'd say get it

Well I bought it. The PO even had the orginal plastic. I cleaned it up really good and put the stock plastic back on and it looks and runs great. The thing is a blast to ride around.

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