Broken collarbone

I know there is a thread on this. But i wanna know what kinda of time frame before i can ride agian. i had it plated i realize six weeks but thats a liability for the hospital to say that in case i injury it agian due to early use it doesnt fall on them. Ive heard guys like brock tickle returning as soon as two to three weeks. Granted im not as good as shape as them but i do train almost every day. any answers would be great

Dude 2 to 2.5 weeks bro, but take it easy cuz if u **** it up again... More surgery

i did break it in three places so i dont know if that will take more time than just one break?

Ya bro the more damage u did u worse it is obviously I guess just judge it for your self whenever u feel u can ride bro... Moto! Like I said tho dude Dnt crash again or more surgery

Depending on the skill of the surgeon, you may also have to worry about the screws pulling out of the bone.

I personally would trail ride pretty soon, but not race or ride mx tracks or big sandwhoops for at least 6 weeks, maybe longer.

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