Pitster Brakes?

So I know knothing about pits.

Came across an '09 Pitster pro X4 last night and scooped it for $450

Looks cool.

It runs and all and has a spare 'works' motor he said.

Only problem is its misssing a rear brake caliper, Is that cable or hydraylic?

HOw much is it gonna cost me?PitBike.jpg

Wow found a complete rear for $135 new. More than I was expecting.

Anyone know if I can take off front caliper and put on the rear.?\

Or where a decent place to get used stuff is?

scooterpartsforless.com has stuff like that for cheap. hope it helps

Thanks bro

I'd just step up and pay the extra money to buy from Pitster. Ask him specifically what's missing from the brake so you don't have to buy stuff you don't need.

If it's just missing a caliper, here's a replacement for 70 bucks.

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