Shock body internal coating

mine has a very light scratch on it not much but i can feel it when i run my finger nail over it. does this mean i need a new shock body? also how do you know when the bladder is worn? i had this shock rebiult about 3 months ago and it started leaking already so im sure there is something wrong here. any help appreciated.

leaking from the...?

If the seal head - was the bushing replaced?

Are the linkage and swing arm bearings in good condition?

The scratch is probably fine - not ideal but not much you can do at this point.

leaking from the shock seal, it looks like it has had an allballs complete seal head. not 100% sure but the seals are red. so i guess if the linkage aren't moving as they should it could cause the stantion rod to not move freely and sort of twist in the body?

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