blowing smoke

riding my xr400 home tonight after work, was about half throttle in 5th gear and went wide open throttle playing with a mate on a harley, made a sound like my piston met the valves or something like that, next set of lights i stopped at there was a huge amount of smoke coming out of my exhaust pipe.

when i go down through the gears and stop at the lights there is a fair bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust and a bit when i rev her too.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that there was oil leaking out of the head well not sure if it was but there was oil on the fins and it has only been rebuilt 4 months ago but never sounded very good, always a bit rattley when giving her a gut full.

Any thoughts?

And now this morning it wont start at all, i am ****en pissed

my condolences... I'd be pissed as well.

I did manage to get her started this afternoon, normally it takes 1 kick, 2 max.

Took about 15 but she went, and lots of blue smoke that didn't show any signs of going away after about a minute of idling.

But strangely enough she doesn't sound rattley like she did before!

Broken ring perhaps??

have you checked your oil?

yeah checked that at the end of last week, still had the right amount for her in there


Took her to a mechanic who i found here and has a good name and he tore her down and rebuilt her.

Keep in mind she was only rebuilt last december so only 6 months ago.

The last place that did it pretty much ****ed a lot of things up!

All the head bolts were put in upside down, one of the head bolts was stripped and had to be helicoiled, the cam chain wasn't replaced and it really needed to be.

There was too much piston to bore clearance and she was piston slapping.

And the reconditioned head hadn't been honed properly, and the head gasket ended up blowing, hence she was blowing smoke.

So i think i'll be paying the place thar rebuilt her the first time a little visit and asking exactly what my $1754 actually got me, and if they would like to contribute to the $1160 i just spent to get it done right this time, grrr!!!

What would you guys do if it happened to you, im interested to know

You are making a good call. I'd go talk to them and bring my girl... that way I remained calm or she could get me to leave if I lost it. Haha.

Glad that you are getting it fixed bud and it sounds like a bit cheaper.

Well after taking her for a spin today, all good until she got hot and then she would cough splutter and then die.

I would have to wait until she cooled down to get her started again, and had to do this about 3 times to get home.

Running really rich as you put your finger in the exhaust and its black and wet.

When it got rebuilt the guy that did it replaced a little flap in the carb that he said was notorious for coming loose and going through the engine, anyone ever heard of this??

I'm going to check the valves in the morning and see if they're ok as it could be when its hot they are too tight.

Any thoughts anyone??

I tell ya what i'm just about ready to get rid of this thing!

think ive solved the problem hopefully, he replaced the air filter with a new one and oiled it, as shes a motard and never goes off road the air filters ive always had in her havent been oiled at all and if memory serves me correctly when i put an oiled on in after i first got her she ran like crap as well, so this could be the caude of her running so rich, ive washed the air filter out and put it back in and ill let you guys know how things go

Stranded 30ks from home after work at 10 30 at night it's about to rain I'm so mega pissed off I can't even think straight this shitbox is going off the overpass near me

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