broke hydraulic clutch cable

While riding a couple weekends ago i tore the hydrualic line out of my clutch housing at the bars and all the fluid leaked out. The hose doesnt look to be torn, can i put it back into the housing? I am sick of riding without a clutch.

There is a fitting on the end of the clutch hydraulic line at the master cylinder. If you tore the fitting off the line you need a new line. If you tore the fitting out of the master cylinder you need a new master cylinder (and probably a new line too) or at least some serious machine work on the master cylinder for striped threads. Maybe it could be heli-coiled, I would have to see it.

It might help to say what bike you have. I am guessing it is the 2001 250 EXC in your avatar.


Parts you might need:

30 54602030000 MASTER CYLINDER CPL.250/300 03 $238.33 (This is the whole master cylinder assembly. Doesn't look like KTM will sell you just the housing)

62 50332063050 SELF CUTTING RING HYDR.PIPE $2.18

63 54732063000 PIPE KIT KPL. WITH CONNECTIONS $47.86


it is the 01 250 exc. I plan to get a look at it in the next couple of days and see what i need. I know where i can get a used master cylinder but i dont want to get it if i dont need it. Thanks for the reply:ride:

Took a look at it yesterday and it looks like I got lucky. The line looks to have just pulled away from part number 62 in the schematics. My friend grabbed me one from his shop now I'll just have to fill her up and see if it holds as it is not the ktm specific "self cutting ring."

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