Difference between K5/K6 and K7/K8/K9

Hey guys I'm working on an 05 DRZ400 for a friend and need to buy some oem parts. What is the difference between K5/K6 and K7/K8/K9 and how do I know which one I have? Does K5 refer to model year 2005?

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I'm pretty sure K5 its just a shortened version of 2005, so K6 is 2006 and so on...

A lot of OEM parts are the same for those years but there are some differences. If you listed what specific parts you were ordering, then I'm sure some people on here could let you know if they're the same between years, or if you need specific ones. Also it would help to know what model of DRZ 400 as in S? SM? E?

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Yes, the 'K' is the model year. Extremely minor differences (sliders on SM's, wave rotors) and if the parts manual does not list multiple choices for a part (like gas tanks because of color) you will get the most current part for the model you order. In most cases, the same part is used on all DRZ's.

I think the only change you need to look out for is when they upsized the bars. If I remember right the 2005 SM had the same 7/8" bar and clamp with the integrated bar holder setup as the S model. In 2006 or 2007 they went to 1-1/8" bars with rubber isolated bar holders. Other than that, I don't believe there is any difference that would make incompatible parts an issue.

Yup, pt is right. 06 was the year of that change. Different clamps and fat bars. The SM has always had (S too AFAIK) had rubber mounted bar clamps. Eddie will correct me if I am wrong... again... :thumbsup:

There was no rubber on my factory S model upper clamp. The clamp and lower bar holder were cast as one piece.

My 05 SM had the rubber mounts, perhaps because of the available stock that fit conventional forks.

All in all, fairly small differences.

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