yamaha 144 kit

Finally going to start our Athena 144 kit install. Is there by chance any helpfull videos or step by step walk thru's on this install? The Athena seem a little sketchy, ( or maybe just my lack of cofidence ) but I wouldn't mind either seeing a vid or doing a little more reading. As always, thanks for and help or advice. Chris.

Bump. :smirk:

Start here:


He posted 3 vids. Most of it is pretty obvious though, once you get started. I used duct tape (sticky side up) and modelling clay to block off the bottom end, used a shop vac during the grinding, then flushed the bottom end 3 times w/ gas.

Thanks for the link. It was a big help.:smirk: Looks like this weekend We will get this project done.

Put the Athena kit on eBay and have Eric gore build you a 144, it will be stronger runner and reliable. I had Athena 144 and I spent more time fixing and rebuilding it then I did riding it.

The newest athena kits have had zero issues to my knowledge. One piece head made a big difference.

The porting is terrible - but it's a fairly cheap way to get a COMPLETE extra cylinder and powervalves.

Price out and extra OEM set up with a head - then big bore it and piston and gasket kit - and you will know what i mean.

Once developed fully - the athena kit can put out as much horsepower as the OEM set up fully developed.

The OEM set up DOES have a slight advantage off early bottom end - but some people ride there - some dont.

I had the two piece head.

I had Eric mod a athena cylinder, porting and valves,his piston,with a modded stock head,HGS144 pipe,pure bullet proof!

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