xr600 jetting

1988 XR600

Putting a new arias piston kit..Bike has k&n air filter air box mod

suppertrap exhaust...

200 above sea level...

best overall jeting for this setup

I know the main is 165...

thinking the pilot is 60

not sure on the clip setting..

what would the best setup for the jetting

You are going to need a fatter pilot. I run a 68 at sea level and my bike is mostly stock. I thought that a 62 was the stock size pilot, but I have a 93 and it might have changed a bit over time. You might need the clip one up from the bottom. The middle is stock.

I hope that you don't ride in the dirt with a K&N. In my experience they are OK on the pavement, but let too much dust through in the dirt.

The only way to know the best jetting is to experiment.

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