2006 CRF 230 Oil on Cylinder Head

I just bought a 2006 CRF230 and I have notice oil on one of the vanes on the Cylinder. It appears to be about half way down.

I have heard these machines have had some issues with head gasket leaks.

Am I correct in assuming that as long as I make sure it has oil that I'll be ok, or should I take it in and get the gasket replaced/serviced?

Can you take a close up picture of where the oil is coming from? Never heard of a head gasket being bad on these motors. However, there is a bolt that can "sweat" and also the cover for the cam gear has a rubber O-Ring to seal it. I had an oil leak there because the previous owner took off the cam gear cover and painted it red but when he put it back on, he snagged/squished the O-Ring, new one from Honda fixed that.

Also, if it is in fact the head gasket. Get yourself a torque wrench and re torque the top 4 head bolts. It is possible they need to be torqued. Just hard to understand an 06 leaking oil from the head gasket "these motors are basically bomb proof" I have an 07 myself.

I am not 100% sure where it is coming from yet... I'll take a boo tonight and try and get some pics...

my 04 does the same thing...

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