dust/sand mask

Normally, i do not endorse products publicly but....I have been riding/driving offroad vehicles for over 20 years....finally a product I recommend.....

I have been using wolfsnout dust masks for a few years now and I can honestly say....WHOA!!!! What a difference it has made in my riding. I can finish my rides without hacking up mud from my lungs and no more blowin sand boogers from my nose. I have asthma and the mask is incredibly efficient in removing particles that cause chest tightness....I do not need to use my inhaler after a ride anymore.....just an amazing product that makes me think....why didn't i think of this!

I ordered 2 of 'em recently and can't wait to try them out on our next dusty ride. We are here in TX and most of the state has been on fire, which means no rain, especially where I ride.

For anyone seeking these snouts, I went on eBay and did a Best Offer for 2 of them and thought it was a pretty good deal, plus it included free shipping.

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