3X3 jetting problems (sorry)

I have a 2000 DRZ400s, it has an FMF powerbomb and a gutted factory silencer. I live in northern Utah at about 4500ish feet. I just recently did the 3x3 mod with the Dyno Jet stage one kit, I used the 134 main jet, left the primary stock. The bike starts and idles great, it has good power on bottom and through most of mid range then on top it feels strong. I want to clean it up. I think it may be running rich, after a short ride my clothes smelled strongly of fuel, like when I ride my snowmobile. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Im not new to DRZs this is my second and I have been riding them since 2001. But most of my tuning experience is on 2strokes.

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