Will a 650l stock shock/ spring bolt up to 600?

I got a 99 600r and was wondering if the L shock/spring will bolt right up to the 600?

Front what I can tell it looks like it should be an even swap?? Anyone done it?

I imagine it would.

Doubt that it is any different (better).

If you just need one, then do it.

If you're hoping it's better, sorry.

It should fit.

I thought i read somewhere that the spring was heavier in the L because of passenger capabilities. I know riding them back to back I sure can tell a difference and I like the L's shock better, not the extra weight though.:thumbsup:

Its a direct bolt on but if remember right the L is valved/sprung softer than the R which would makes sense since one is for the dirt and the other the street. Why are you swapping

Maybe my shock is bad, but it feels like mush compared to the L even on the Hardest settings. I really noticed it last fall when I had my dirtbagz and duffle loaded on the 600 wasn't that much weight maybe 10lbs+. When I got back and took a ride on the L I couldn't believe the difference.

Thanks for the info, maybe I'll give it a swap and see just to compare.

I bet your stock shock is shot. It is very easy to rebuild the shock on your own, the only hard part is geting the nitrogren psi set

600R shock is .5" longer.


they have diffrent part #'s ......... the 600r and 650l

Maybe the shock just needs charged. I just got the bike last spring and I felt like I had just bought a new xr600 at the dealer without the dealer price.:thumbsup: The bike had a couple hundred miles tops original tires etc. I put about 3k on it last summer, more onroad then off so I dont really think the shock would need a rebuild. Is there an easy way to tell if it needs charged?

Or just take the shock to the shop? I thought I ready somewhere you need a special gauge or tool to check the pressure because if you don't you'll release out the gas using a tire guage and it won't be accurate?

Yes you need a special gauge to check/set the pressure.

If you saw how little oil there is in a shock you would be suprised ....... There is nothing complicated with resealing and chainging the oil in a shock. Then bring it to someone with the right tool to set the psi.


An old thread talking about them http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=515461

Yes, thanks after further inspection the seal does look bad so while I'm at it might go ahead and get a heavier spring.

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