Camping at Stampede Reservoir



I was wondering if anyone has camped at Stampede outside of Truckee and if you happen to know what the largest trailer you could bring in there? The largest trailer in our group is a Raptor 3616 and the rest are around 30'. The website give a max length length for each site, but I don't knwo if that includes the truck as well. I called the FS and they thought it was a max of 24', but they weren't all that sure. So I figured I'd ask someone who's been there.

Also, how's the riding there? Would we be able to get on some good trails without having to load the bikes up and stage some place else? Thanks

I'm not sure about the camping spot lengths, but there are a lot of double occupancy spots, and extra vehicle parking in al the campgrounds. As far as riding, unless you are street legal, there are no routes out of the campgrounds (and the campgrounds have rules for motorcycles and OHV's too) that aren't county roads, and the sheriff deputies are known to patrol the roads (and they will be up for boat patrol every weekend) during the summer.

I've seen groups of riders ride the shoreline near the campgrounds, but that's poor form for our sport.

Not far away is Prosser OHV area, and some ST from there just off of highway 89. There is lots of fire roads and county roads north and west of Stampede. Make sure you have your non-res Ca. OHV sticker unless you are plated.

Do you think Prosser or Boca would be better for riding and getting to trails? I've camped at Prosser and wasn't a big fan of the campsites, but we were able to ride out of camp.

Boca Dam Rd will be closed this season for security reasons, so to access the West side campgrounds you have to pass Prosser, and all the roads are county roads, but patrolled less. East Boca campground will give you access to Verdi Peak and Dog Valley, but will be crowded due to the dam road closure.

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