Camping at Stampede



I was wondering if anyone has camped at Stampede outside of Truckee and if you happen to know what the largest trailer you could bring in there? The largest trailer in our group is a Raptor 3616 and the rest are around 30'. The website gives a max length length for each site, but I don't know if that includes the truck as well. I called the FS and they thought it was a max of 24', but they weren't all that sure. So I figured I'd ask someone who's been there.

Also, how's the riding there? Would we be able to get on some good trails without having to load the bikes up and stage some place else? Thanks

The lengths listed on the Reserve America site are pretty close to the overall length of the paved area. I've seen rigs that big in there. Just get the biggest site you can. If worst comes to worst you park your truck in an empty spot or at the overflow parking. Steam Donkey (LOL!) is a good spot for access to lake, views, and good sized sites, but any of the the three campgrounds are nice.

You can't ride from your campsite to the trails anymore if you're not plated. You will have to load up and drive about 1/2 mile to stage legally. As far as the trail riding goes there is not any real technical stuff. A lot of fire roads, but there are some trails to screw around on between Stampede and Boca. Prosser Pits is fun for bit if you're in to MX. I've never been over there, but there are OHV trails at Prosser Hill (West of 89).

PM me if you want any more info./map. My family goes there twice a year.


Thanks for the reply. I was looking at Logger campground, didn't know there was more than that one. USFS did call me back and said the max length listed on the reservation website is the trailer lenght, so it sounds like we should be good. They did say we would have to walk the bikes in and out of the campground.

Do you know if Prosser Or Boca are any different as far as riding in and out on dirtbikes? Thanks

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