1998 XR100 Oil Leak :(

Bought this under the impression that it had a simple counter shaft oil seal leak. After getting it home I cleaned the engine of it's thick gunky oil crust and warmed it up in order to verify the leak. It was impossible to tell with all the crud. Turns out it is NOT the oil seal. But the bottom of the right side engine cover. The gasket looks brand new and the bolts have signs of removal. So someone has already tried to fix it. (or something else???) There are no cracks or anything scary like that. I have taken apart the left side many times, but the right side with the clutch arm etc I have not. Side note: the bike runs perfectly just want to fix the oil leak.

I don't own a service manual but know a lot of guys here have pretty good knowledge of this stuff. I am pretty mechanical inclined and with a little guidance can usually tackle most 2/4 stroke projects. I would appreciate anyone chiming in who knows if this is a simple job or a mess?

Thanks guys!, -Spode.

you probly have a crack at one of the bolts, this happened on the 100 i bought, someone tightened the bolt nearest to the kick start too tight and cracked the case... i drained the oil and jb-welded it and it hasn't leaked since although it be nicer if you got it welded for real (:

Thanks I will give that a try.

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