Rear brake lever adjustement

On a 650L, it seems you can only adjust the rear brake lever just so far before it "bottoms out" and pushes into the master cylinder with zero play on the lever. I have a size 13 boot and I can't get the lever low enough without taking my foot off the peg to hit the rear brake. And that's kind of tuff to do when standing up going through tight trails.

I've searched the threads and can't seem to find a cure. An aftermarket lever with a different bend might help. Anybody have any ideas ???

No ideas how to fix it, but I do ride a 650L, where a size 13 boot, live in NJ, and have the same problem!!!:thumbsup:

you must be my long lost twin !! I rode Pine Hill Enduro over the wekend and hit more trees than I can count because of that stupid lever. If there isn't an aftermarket one, I'm thinking of taking it to a weld shop, heating and arching it a bit more. Doesn't need much either.

I met somebody there that has a method of lowering the pegs, I was on minute 53, he was on 55, never did find him at the gas stop.:thumbsup:

I did a few enduros 2yrs ago on the XR, good fun. Life has gotten in the way recently, but I hope to be back. Rode the Hammer dual-sport last year 2wks after hyperextending my knee racing BMX. The knee hurt, but was ok, except I couldn't lift it high enough to reach that blasted brake lever!!

Just had an "epiphany" last night about this.

All you have to do is undo the clevis at the bottom of the adjuster, slide it off the brake lever and grind or hacksaw about 3 or 4 threads off the adjuster screw, maybe less. That'll make the screw a bit shorter and lower the lever in front of the fulcrum.

Haven't done it yet, but for anyone losing sleep over this, I'll let you know how it works.

I love to come up with these little tasty tidbits of info!!!:thumbsup:


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