2011 YZ 450-Want to do it right!

I just received my power tuner and want to try it out. Is there a special procedure to unplug the electrical connection on the bike so I can plug in the power tuner. I have tried to gently pull on it but it seems to want to stay plugged in. Are there tabs or something I am not utilizing?

I called my local shop and we were able to figure it out.

I jacked with that thing for a little while too (did not want to break it) it is still a bit of a PITA to pry on that little tab.

I had to file down the locking pin slightly, now it slides in much easier but still holds from slight tugs.

I thought it was a pain too at first, especially since hte cap on the tuner doesn't have the tab so I didn't expect the part on the bike to have one, but was easy once i realized i had to use a screwdriver to bend the tab to get it off.

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