yz426 starting problems

hey guys, i finally got my new 2001 yz426! one problem though. i got onto the bike way to much to early when im not even use to it. and i went down. didnt scratch or break anything! that things built like a rock. but i had a problem getting it going again, i think i may have flooded it or something. is there a trick to starting it back up after crashing. or flooding it? thanks for the help guys

Read your manual and find the location of your hot start button(the red one). If you fall over and flood a bit, this the procedure that works great for my '00 426.

1)Pull out hot start (red button)

2)Kick slowly to Top Dead Center.

3)Use compression release to get just past Top dead Center.

4)DO NOT roll throttle (this will flood the bike more!

5)Kick through and repeat 2 and 3 until start.

6)Immediately push in Hot Start.

7)Enjoy your running motor till the next time you stall it!

P.S. if the bike was leaned over for a while and is really flooded, you might try shutting the gas off and kicking through a few cycles to clear it out before starting

with Hot Start procedure. (Remember to turn your gas back on though!)

Happy Trails and Dirt Clods!

Try pulling out your hot start button (the red button on the left side) and then try to start it. Push it back in after it gets going. This works for me every time!

I have heard from riders who just pull in the compression release and kick it through about 10 times while the Comp. R. is still engaged.

Just pull in the compression release, kick it through 10-15 times, pull the hot start and follow the usual starting procedure! This also works well if you flood the bike out in water (I found out the hard way!)

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