Chest protectors

I never wear roost gaurds but recently i broke 3 ribs and my collarbone.Anyone recomend a roost protector i would like something small and compact that doesnt really get in the way.Would a under jersey one be better if so what brand need something kinda cheap to thanks for input

My son and I recently started wearing padded hockey shirts. The ones we have are made by Mission Hockey. They have padding on the shoulders, chest, ribs and spine. Also, the padding is more "dense" than the padding on any of the under the jersey MX roost guards I've seen.

I would highly recommend not buying an "under the shirt" one. The amount of protection they give you is the same as a sweatshirt underneath your shirt... not worth it.

I'm a minimalist myself and really love the Fox Proframes or Thor Sentinels... or anything with the same design/shape. They don't have all that bulky crap on your shoulders and no arm padding. Very light weight with a good fit. :thumbsup:

I just bought a Fox Proframe and am very pleased with it. I only notice it if i look down really far, but that never happens when you're riding.

seems to me a "roost guard" is just that for roost, I doubt it would have saved you from broken ribs if you hit that hard, It sucks but the more protection you get the more cumbersome the gear.

I've been running a Fox Airframe for the last 2 years, pretty happy with it.

thanks for the input i looked at fox proframes and thor sentinels they both dont have much to em and dont have those uncomfortable shoulder things thanks for everyones input but i believe i will get the thor

I wear a Fox Titan Sport Jacket,

its bulky but after a few rides you adapt to wearing it,

it has saved me alot of times with small twigs and rocks whe hitting the deck,

the inbuilt kidney belt is another bonus,

few mates wear smiliar 'pressure suits' over jerseys but i wear mine underneath,

has many adjustments to suit different shaped/sized people,

just my 2c.

Broken ribs are caused by side impacts. I'm looking into hockey or karting pads.

You just broke 3 ribs, and you want to cheap out on chest protection? :thumbsup:

Moto "chest protectors" don't protect very well IMO. Pressure suits are way too uncomfortable for me to wear for more than an hour. So I wear a tekvest. Great protection, comfortable, it will fit under a jersey... but not cheap.

Your body, I guess.

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