Video 2012 EXC

Nice but I can't afford it lol. The 07 is here to stay

Watching those riders really reminds me I'm not nearly as good as I think sometimes!

Removed from Youtube

KTM is updating their internet appearance at the moment. Just check "" and you'll find everything. Also updated the link above.


I'm glad I picked up a bargain 2011 model with the FCR fitted. My local KTM dealer says its nearly a full time job replacing TPS on FI models. He also said the the factory that builds the TPS units was wasted in Japan recently, so getting hold of these TPS is becoming impossible.

I'd be interested to try an FI model though, surely can't be as sweet as a properly jetted FCR??

Anyone know what these new SOHC engines are like compaired to the XC4 engine, I'm quite impressed with the weight saving on the new models?


So in 2018-2020 when the 2012 used price is in my range,,I'm gettin of those! :confused::thumbsup:

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