Box for small battery

I bought one of the small 4 cell batteries and started thinking about mounting in on the DR. I went to Walmart and found a small index card box that fits in the stock battery box and will hold the small battery with some foam mat (cut from the multi-color floor mats sold at Sam's Club). I cut 2 slots in the top of the box for the battery posts to poke through and I will need to cut one of the two tabs on the battery cable from the bike so the cable will mount sideways on the battery post instead of straight on like a regular battery uses. This will be clear when you look at the cable from the wiring harness and see how it interferes with the new smaller battery post.

At first I thought I would make a new metal hanger for the index card box, but then I checked the fit on the bike and it drops right into the stock battery box. I'll use velcro to go around the index card box to make sure the box doesn't open and it will need a spacer between it and the battery hold down bracket that mounts on top of the battery. Overall a pretty simple mod and the cost is very low.

Here are pics:

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Very neat! I want to do this when my battery gives up.

Question about using the 4 cell. I looked into this before and I read that the 8 cell was recommended for the DR. How is the 4 cell cranking over for you and how long have you been using it?

Sorry, I haven't even fired up the DR yet this year. I plan to do the initial start with a regular cycle battery and then swap in the small battery.

It will be interesting to see how it cranks. I suspect it will crank ok just not really fast. The 4 cell is rated for 120 amps and the 8 240.

Keep us posted please.

Is there any concern with heat with these type of batts? Looks like a good bit of insulation wrapped around the battery.

Wow, those batteries sure are small! I've been waiting to see if anybody has any problems with them before purchasing one for my bike. Hope it works well for you.

I ran one of the 4 cell lithiums in my FI bike for quite some time. I did something similar with neoprene surrounding the battery to center it on the box.... but not the extra plastic box. Pretty cool idea. I had no issues starting the bike at all even with my HC piston. What is/was a concern is voltage running a lithium battery. My FI bike draws more current than I had anticipated so my data logs showed voltage down on average more than I felt comfortable running the lithium battery at. It had no problems starting the machine but at lower voltages current draw was high on cranking the engine over so I was concerned for the battery's well being. I removed the battery and replaced it with a lead acid unit until I get my charging system up to where it needs to be to support the extra draw I have going on. Obviously I did not do a long test on the lithium battery but it was in the bike for over a month of testing and repeated starts without indecent.

I don't know how hot the battery will become. When I first set it up in the box I put foam completely surrounding the battery and then I thought I should give it some room for heat to escape so I cut some more foam in the shape of a plus sign.

check out what i did i have the same battary but the way i did it i shaved off almost full 10lbs and yes i did weigh it.. quote # 1369

i got raid of the battary box alltogether and just made up some stuff out of alum..

battary works good for me so far..

lol it kind of looks like i have bag of drugs there.. bet it would make a cop do double take at it if seat was off lol

I like that too. 10lbs is a lot!

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