got my new High performance conrod in for my 2011

Check this bad puppy out should give me a ton more horse power.. Somewhere around the range of 11,000hp Wiating on the 10ft crank and piston! should be killer!


Nice rod.........:thumbsup:....they always say size

That is in deed a nice rod, All the chickies will be interested. I'm sure they love it in the box even more then when its unpacked.

That is out of the new Honda 6 stroke. they are a bit heavier of a bike but the power definitly compensates.

Nice rod:thumbsup:

What are the 2 extra holes on the big end for? GoPro cameras?

It looks like it weighs more than my bike!

ok seriously wth is that thing for?

ok seriously wth is that thing for?

Was wondering the same exact thing...

11,000 horsepower? Ron Hamp said that aint nothin compared to his KXF motors.

I think it's for the space shuttle...

nah i think thats a little to big for a space ship.

I was thinking some kind of big cruise ship.

No one has even came close to what its out of :thumbsup:

Must be a boat or ship.

nope not for a boat or ship nor spaceship or a plane

is it for a dam or a train?

nope, not for a gen or a train..

im guessing some sort of industrial dump truck/loader? CAT maybe?

well at a second look, i think that is too big for what i was thinking...

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