Will a CRF450R Leak oil if upside down?

I went down in the wrong place in the St Anthony dunes on a 70 slope of loose sand that grab my front end and flipped my bike over. I got it back over as soon as I could in the knee deep sand but it was upside down for at least 30 seconds. When I finally got it started at the bottom, it was putting out a lot of blue smoke but it cleared up after a minute. When I got back, I noticed oil on the linkage and it looks like it came out of the air box as it was oily inside there too. What happened? How did the oil get through or do I have bigger problems? The bike seemed to run well enough after the smoke cleared up and the engine oil level was down some but not past the low mark yet.

there is a vent in the cylinder head cover that that is connected to the airbox, when your bike was upside down all the oil went to your cylinder head and through the vent. your filter is probably soaked in oil. just clean it up and top off your engine and you should be good to go.

Thanks, that makes sense.

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