sole replacement on tech 8

I see they sell the replacement sole for tech 8's, i looked at my boot and it looks like there sewed on the base. Anyone change soles easily or better off getting new boots?

Take them to a boot repair (cobbler) shop and see what they have to say. Tell them you can get them new soles if they can replace them or maybe they can replace the sole with something else maybe even custom soles!! You'll be the only guy out there with bling soles!!

Look up shoe repair or cobbler in your area.

Thread: fix for alpine stars tech 10 soles?

Quote from's site

"Q: My boots are "Alpinestar" can you put "Alpinestar" soles on?

A: No we discontinued the use of "Alpinestar" soles a few years ago when they softened the compound causing premature wear and reflecting poorly on our business.We chose the "SIDI" soles for their exelent durability and good grip on the peg's"

Sidi soles on A-stars boots? That's pretty cool.

Since I had already bought the A-stars replacement soles before I found these guys, I took my old A-stars M6's to the local Red Wings boot shop. $40 to stitch & glue. So far, so good.

Before>>>>>>>>>>>>>> & After. (pics from factoryresole's site)


+1 on Factory Resole. They made my old Hi-Points look like new. :thumbsup:

Just got my tech8s back from alpine stars with new soles soles and buckles took about 2 weeks and they did a great job cost 80 dollers

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