"NAPF" Jet Needle

Hi Guys,

I need a bit of help regarding buying a new jet needle. I need,a Jet Needle with the code 'NAPF' - Problem is I tried to order some but they think I have the wrong code?!

They say the code should be a letter, then 2 numbers and then a letter?!

What code should a NAPF needle be then?

I will be ordering it off these people - http://www.allensperformance.co.uk/data-n427-46.html

Could anyone give me the correct code for their website for a NAPF?

Any help I would really appreciate!

Thanks and ATB


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I have done a bit of researching and have found something out :

On the 1997 Jet Needle there is a code with a letter, then two numbers then a letter :


Obviously that is the type of code I want!

On the 2003 Jet Needle (For the newer carb), there isn't the same code, it just says 'NAPF' :


Any advice on the codes then?

Thanks and ATB


Just found this information in another thread :

And you can also replace the stock triple taper needle w/ a straight taper needle if you want to smooth out the upper band hit that the YZ85 is famouns for, but you would also need to go up two sizes larger on the main because these needles have a sharper taper angle. The SUDCO equivalent to the stock NBKF is the JJF clip#3. NBLF equivalent is the JJG #3. With these straight taper, you'd want to start w/ a 150 main to start w. I wound up w/ a 148 main The pilot size wound up being 50, which I thought was a bit large.

That sort of helps me, as the people I am interested in buying the Jet Needle off, use the code system the same as that (3 Letters) : http://www.allensperformance.co.uk/data-n427-46.html

So it looks like I'll have to find out what the 'NAPF' Needle is in a three letter code like the ones I quoted above?!

Thanks and ATB


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