carburetor malfunctions when bike is angled

Hello, I have been trying to resolve this for a few days now.

Bike: KTM exc 125 2-stroke

My bike accelerates perfectly after a bit of warm up, that is only on a straight road though. If I try to pull a wheelie for example (full throttle) as soon as I get the bike up it does the famous "bhouoo" sound as if the carburetor cut off the mixture to the engine.

Same problem when I go off road and the ground is "angled" from place to place, it starts acting up, and afterwards it cannot reach high RPM untill I run it on straight ground for a while.

Any Ideas?

Check the float height

turns out the float height was to high and there was an overflow/too much fuel per air when the bike was angled.

also the height of the float affects the air to fuel ratio so it might be the problem in similar situations.

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