New DRZ-400 Owner, Difference Between Models and Part Fitment Questions.

I recently picked up a 2003 DRZ-400 Kick Start Model. I have been reading and noticed their is a "E", "S", "SM" (Not sure if their is more) models. I wanted to know if most parts are interchangeable for the 2003 (K3) year model.

Example, I was looking at a skidplate, but it said it only fits the S & SM models, would it fit the kick start model?

Last question, Is my DRZ-400 a "K" model, since it is the kick start version?

Thanks in advance!


Kick start does not technically have a designator (e,s,sm) but it is commonly referred to as the drz400k because the designation is frequently dropped for the more popular models. The kickers are almost identical to the e models with the exception to the motor and the battery setup. I don't know if they are AC or DC systems though.

is it street legal? then its a S model, SM for super moto. E off road model. you can put a kick start on all these models. my 2003 DRZ400S has a kick start that I installed. the skid plate should fit all models.


Kickers do not have electric starters. Bikes with electric starts can be retrofitted with a kick starter.

And just because it's street legal it's not an s model. My e is street legal, although not from the factory. It's easy to get a bike legal in my state.

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