e-axle anyone?

Anyone here using this for a front axle ?


IT works really good!:thumbsup:

More info CLICK <<<<HERE>>>>>


I think a bunch of the sumo guys use those things...

That and one of those adjustable triple clamps, and you have the ultimate in front suspension tuning.


I wonder if it would be any good for us MX'ers?

I had one on an 04 CRF450 and it really helped the turning. It's amazing what a couple mm will do for the geometry of the bike. Having said that, I didn't think there was a need on the CR's, I thought they turned pretty good as is.

I'm using this e-axle, set to -2, in conjunction w/ an RG3 20mm triple clamp. That, along w/ my lowered suspension, has completely transformed my CR250. The thing handles like a KX100!:thumbsup:

I wish they made em for gen 2's

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