Glad I Ride A Dual Sport!

This morning on my ride to work a truck turned right onto the 4 lane road I was on (I was in the 2nd lane), and the two metal ladders in the back of the truck rotated and fell out of the truck directly in my path just about 40 feet in front of me:foul:. I was going about 45mph. I braked hard and fishtailed a bit and then ran over one of the ladders. I was probably going about 20mph when I hit. I am glad the DR's suspension easily absorbed this hit and I was able to keep riding. When I get home I'll put it up on the lift and check to see if there was any damage to the wheels or forks-but it feels fine. Ride Safe!

Glad to hear you kept it upright. Nice riding!

Did the guy stop or notice the latter falling off his truck?

Yeah the guy noticed it-he had just turned onto the street I was on which caused the ladders to rotate off the truck into my lane-what a dumb @$$. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen when I hit the ladder, but I didn't want to lay it down.

Glad you kept it vertical and are o.k. It's bad enough contending with just the regular traffic, let alone some clown not securing the contents of his work truck.:thumbsup: Good job avoiding an incident, and also, good bike and rider!


I think I would have had to check the damage I left in my shorts:moon:, before checking the bike.

You have to expect the unexpected since the consequences are much more severe on a bike.

Reminds me of the time I was on my way home from work in the early evening on my first new motorcycle back in 1979. The neighborhood was having a block party and some bozo closed off the street by hanging an unmarked line across the road to divert traffic. By the time I saw the line there was nothing I could do but turn it hard right at speed toward the front yard of a house which caused me to low side dump the bike on their grass. Lucky for me damage was minimal to the bike and I sustained no serious injuries since I was young and pliable.

Glad you didn't go down. Check the front wheel carefully to see if it is out of round.

Four of my friends were riding on a poorly lit expressway one evening a couple of years ago and didn't see a 4" x 4" wooden post in the roadway. Every one of them ran over it. Eight flat tires and several bent wheels, but fortunately no one went down.

Those must have been street bikes. Man I hit stuff like 4x4s every time I ride. The DR takes all!

Those must have been street bikes. Man I hit stuff like 4x4s every time I ride. The DR takes all!

Yep! Mine was a CB400.

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