Which Water Pump as replacement?

I am on a 2000 DRZS and I want to buy a new water pump assembly. Mine is leaking, and I heard that the "new" design is better. Although the Fiche calls out 17400-29F00 for my 2000 model, should I get the 17400-29F10 as listed for the newer bikes? Will it bolt on?





Damn, I have to leave on a trip on Friday night and now I need to overnight the parts!

When you order a new water pump, unless the dealer has had it on his shelf 10 years, you will get the newest one irrespective of the part number you use to order. New numbers supersede old numbers automatically. Paint color for you will not match, it will look like the current ones you see.

Too bad you do not live by me....

If you have an appropriate pump for me, I'd happily pay you to FEDEX it overnight.

It will still be faster for you have a local dealer get it. He could order it today, have it on Thursday.

Just located the newer part #. Will be here tomorrow. Yumm, overnight charges ...

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