How much Chain Lube is Needed?

I was just wondering how much chain lube to put on the chain. I would always spray it and then it would soak in and look like there was none on and I kept spraying until I could see on the outside clearly.. I was just wondering how much is need for standard maintenance like after it is washed

I always just try to make sure the whole chain is coated....I would have to say its better to spray extra on then not enough.......

Personally, if its an O-ring chain I don't bother.

Heavy duty just spray in the gaps where there is friction. Any part that doesn't come into contact with any thing else, ie the outside of the links, is just providing a place for dust to stick if lube is sprayed on.

I lube it liberally if it's going to sit for a week or more. Can't hurt, whatever doesn't cling to the chain/sprockets will end up on my oily garage floor anyways. When it's on the stand, I just rotate the rear wheel slowly, and let the lube cover every part of the chain. I do tend to go through chain lube rather quickly though! :thumbsup:

Depends on what kind of chain it is. O-ring or X-ring? I don't even bother with lube anymore on those. They are internally lubed from the manufacturer, I just spray WD-40 on the outside after washing to displace any water that sits around on there. I used to use chain lube like mad on them, but since I quit I haven't really noticed any difference in life span. In fact, it's much improved now that I'm running Ironman sprockets. Even if I'm shortening my chain life slightly that's fine, it's worth it to avoid the mess (in my opinion).

For standard chains you do need lube, but I'm sure opinions will vary greatly on how much.

I just spray the entire bike with chain lube.

I just spray the entire bike with chain lube.

:thumbsup: hahaha. that is a good idea

x/o-ring chains still need lube for the outer rollers. They don't need much but the chain will last longer if you lube it.

Conventional chains require more lube to penetrate all the way into the pins. Aim the stream of lube between the side plates to ensure that the lube makes it into the pins.

I'm just now at the end of the life span on my cheap DID non o-ring chain on my CRF 150R Expert. It lasted 2 seasons. I don't ride everyday, but ride 4 to 5 times per month minimum form the time the snow leaves until the snow hits again. I ride mostly trails and some MX. Given that my 150 isn't putting the strain on a chain that a bigger bike will, i'm also only running a 420 chain, so I think that somewhat levels it out. I ran lube for the first month or two. I had taken it off and soaked in my solvent tank and when re-installing, I decided to only run WD-40 from there on out. I would apply WD-40 after washing it, and then again before riding. I buy in in 1 gallon jugs so it's fairly inexpensive. I'm putting on a Renthal R1 Works chain next and plan to use the same maintenance plan. Chain stays clean, swing arm and surrounding areas also stay clean and still seem to get good chain life. But, this is only my experience and I know there are many here that will tell me lube is a must. Maybe I just got lucky on my cheap chain? To each their own I guess.

i got a xring, but i do the same with o ring, basically, i got a spray of PJ1 heavy duty i think its called "black label", the stuff sticks very well to the chain, and works well, they also have a "Clear" lube, but it does not stay on as long, but any hows, to the point

i spin my tire, lube in the middle, spin the tire lube on the out side plates and done,

just lube the whole thing and wipe off excess off the swinng arm and other stuff it gets on. i prefer pj1 chain lube but thats my preference have fun!

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