Question About Rebound ?

Would rebound affect how you launch off of a jump ? ie if the rebound is set fast would it launch you higher ? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I'm not to hot on suspension setup ..

yes if you have the suspension set-to a slow rebound it will not jump high, also too much sag will act the same

yes, if you have to much rebound you will fly higher but it can also effect you. If the face of the take off is rutted or has a lot of bumps it can buck you over the bars because of the speed it kicks back. If you take time and get to know your bike and get your suspension to your liking you can tell what your bike is going to do in certain situations. But back to the rebound. You are better setting your compression clickers stiffer than the rebound. It is safer and will do a better jump

just keep your rebound with in a few clicks of 10. unless your in sand, you can take it out to 5

why not goto 16 if thats whats needed?

body position on take off is ten fold more usable than rebound clicker adjustments. Try seat bouncing or getting your butt over the rear wheel before you start clicking away

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