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Tell Us Your Story...How I Got to My WR

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I hope this isn't too "off topic" for this forum...but I thought it might be fun to see the individual motorcycle "history" of all the intrepid WR riders we share this forum with.

I figure the best way to do it would be to start with your first ride and work you way up to the wonderful WR beast we all love to ride now.

They don't all have to be dirt bikes as long as its chronological and has a WR as part of it. If the moderators find this off topic..please accept my apologies...I guess you'll move it to where you feel it belongs. :thumbsup:

OK....here goes...

My very first...1964 Matchless G15. Not my actual macine but identical. What a pig!!!...brutal to start and leaked oil like a sieve...but had the best

tank emblem ever (IMHP)!


My beloved 1967 Triumph Bonneville...Fantastic bike!! Started first kick everytime and never leaked oil. My actual bike...no thats not me (my hair was a bit longer)...its the guy I sold it to who later totaled it...ARRRGHH!!!.


My first dirt bike...1974 Yamaha DT250. My actual bike...indestructible and an absolute blast...I was now hooked on dirt!


OK...now I'm getting a little serious..1978 CanAm 250. Not my actual bike unfortunatly (stock shot)...but what a hoot!!


OK...now I'm really serious...1978 Honda CR250R. My actual bike and another great machine.


OK..the modern era has arrived...1983 Honda CTR250R (a stock shot..sigh!!). First year with a liquid cooled engine and one of the first monoshock machines. I'm now addicted to Honda!!


1985 Suzuki GSX 550EF (stock shot unfortunatly) After a break for two kids and starting my own business I figured I'd give the street another shot. Man this thing was fast!


My 1968 Triumph Daytona 500. After another break (2 kids and 18 hour work days doesn't allow for lots of saddle time) my wife bought me this for father's day..pretty cool!! I still have it.


2003 Suzuki DRZ400S Kids gone, business gone...my first attempt at getting dirty again. Nice bike, tough as nails but WAY to heavy for the tough trails I was now on with my new riding buddies. No I'm not responsible for the skull motif!


Yes..the current love of my life...2004 WR450F...fully street legal!!..don't ask!! What can I say..a fantastic machine!!!! Sorry about the goofy looking Acerbis dual headlights...it was a legal WR450..nothing else mattered.


There you have it...my life in 10 jpegs!!

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My story is quite a bit shorter. A buddy of mine just finished up a 60's Bonneville, sweet bike, smokes like a freight train out of one cylinder. He's going back into it and look at the rings. I think he has one upside down.

Anyhow, here's where I started out. No it wasn't smart but I wouldn't do it different. Separated from the ex and a week later got this, a 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa. I loved that bike, rode her all over the southeast and spanked supersports all over north Georgia. 47K miles later a sumbitch decided to relieve me of her. I don't wish anyone dead but I'll read his obituary with great pleasure.


Moving on after insurance paid out I heard that HD had dropped Buell and decided to see if there was a fire sale going and boy howdy was there. Now I'm racking up miles with this 2008 Buell 1125R. While the Busa was a hunting knife the Buell is a scalpel. Might not do everything as well but it's cornering ability is indescribable and I'm what is known as slow.


I've itched for a dirt bike for years but restrained myself because back in the day I didn't have discipline on dirt. I mean none. Thank God I didn't have my own bike back then, borrowing bikes kept me off them for the most part. Then a buddy posted up on another forum that he had a 2004 WR450F for sale and I not only saw it, I had a healthy tax return coming. Plus since we work together he told me he'd hook me up. Grrrr. So one weak moment later I'm the proud owner of this bad boy. I haven't had opportunity to take it dirtin yet but it's coming and soon.


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That's cool. I'm so old it would take pages for my story. I'll just say it started with a 1965 Honda 55 trail. I rode it every night after school in the vacant lot across the street. It was like cocaine, totally hooked on bikes from that point on.

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Late bloomer in the dirtbike scene, so my list is short.

Started riding at 25 in 02'

2002 YZ250F

In 07', I traded my yzf for a ttr230 for my wife.(Later got my yzf back)

Then went out and bought a 2007 WR450F. Been happy with it every since.

Also had a XR200, and a chinese POS Hensim, for friends and family to ride during that time.

Only one jpeg:


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In '85 or '86 I had a 1978 CR125 Elsinore. Didn't know much, but I could jump it...

I hadn't ridden a bike since then, so fast forward to 2003. I borrowed an '86 CR250 and did some very limited trail riding, but ended up buying that bike. In 2004, I bought a '92 Husky WXE360 and did a little more trail riding. In '05 we made a trip to Hatfield McCoy and I blew up the Husky down there. When I got back, I said "enough BS, time for something good". Without knowing much, I found a '03 WR450 with 30 miles on it and dropped the hammer. That's the bike that really got me hooked. I started riding dual sports and racing hare scrambles. Then I got into MX, so in 2008 I bought a '02 YZ250 and raced a few hare scrambles on it, too. This year, I picked up a '08 YZ250 which will be my dedicated MX bike. The '02 will become my hare scram/trail bike and the WR will be my dual sport/trail bike. I am thoroughly hooked now, riding MX or trails at least once a week. After competeing in '07, '09 and '10, the Unadilla GNCC is now an annual event for me.

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I'll keep it really simple and short...

Went to dealer to pick up wife's brand new out of the crate 2008 TTR-230, and came home with a 2004 WR 450 beside it on the trailer...


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I broke my femur racing H&H on my yz250. When it was time to get on a bike I decided I needed a new one and it had to have a button as my right leg was going to need some time before kicking was going to happen. I had a 450x and liked it so I thought I would try a wr. Ta da brand new 08wr450f in march of 08. Still love it, and I still don't kick it.

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My story starts when I was 8 y/o in 1984. My dad picked up a Honda Trail 70 (Z70 I think). Unfortunately, the the flywheel stripped the crank, and after my uncle welded it together 4 times for me, he found me a Honda Z50. I loved that Z50 until my parents bought me a brand new Kawi KD80 when I was 12. It never ran right, and my dad didn't have a huge amount of mechanical savvy:foul:. It sat until 1994 when my mom told me to clear it out of the garage. I got it running, and sold it to buy a new truck.

I went bikeless for a long time, but lusted at every one I saw. After some rocky years of marriage, my wife decided she wanted an activity for us to do together. We bought Kawi street bikes on a whim. Hers a Ninja 500R, and mine a ZZR 600. We rode together a lot for two years. We got some money, and I was really needing an outlet, as I really had no hobbies other than golf and occassional mountain bike rides.

After some research and making a budget, I found a decent deal on a 02 WR426 and an 03 TTR230 for her. She didn't like riding the TTR in the dirt, and made me sell it for a quad:banghead:. I rode the 426 two times a week when possible, and modded it nicely with help from the TT peeps:thumbsup:

I had a little incident on my PWC that made it difficult to kick that 426, and decided magic button was needed. I sold the 426 when we bought our house and used the deniro for the down payment.

4 months later after jones'in for some riding, I came across a 06 WR450. I had cash, but it needed work. I spent a lot of time and money in that bike to find out I'd never get it registered for DS due to the previous owner still having a title lien on it.

I found a willing buyer who didn't care about the title issue, but took a big loss on my investment.

A month later, I was on a business trip in Ritchfield, Ut. On a whim I stopped in at the local cycle shop, and found a 2009 holdover WR450 with a great price. I thought about it for 2 days, then while looking up the 2009 on the shops website, I found a 2007 that had been DS'd already, and had only 325 miles on it. I stopped by, checked it out, test rode it around the parking lot, negotiated a deal, and loaded it on the rental p/u I was using.

I drove home and parked it in the garage, and started ordering parts through the winter. I was able to ride it once from picking it up in early Oct. until February. It was unbearable.

Now I have a plated 07 WR450. Other than the SPI suspension:banana:, the rest is little add-ons I'll end up doing. I rode to work this morning, catching some killer ST. I'll be riding tomorrow with a buddy.

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Wow 2in2out...thats a bit of long and winding road..congratulations on finally finding your 2 wheeled partner.

Have fun tomorrow.

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81 kawi kd80

91 xr100r

86 xr200r

91kdx200 ported and polished, piston, fmf.


91 kx500, bored and piped, bad mama jama. F'n scary!!!

97 ATK 260, decked head and a pipe. Meanest 250 ever. 90mph with woods gearing.

01 cr125' hated that thing

06 zx6r didn't like the street


08 wr450, current hill climbing monster. All the power of the 500 without the scariness!

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i started off when i was about 8 years old riding my dads friends yamaha grizzly. then when i was around 10 years old i started riding his YZ125 but the bike was a little big for me and he eventually sold it. so a few years later my little brother got a 2000 Honda XR70 he let me ride the bike once and a while but i wanted my own. lster that year i was helping my uncle clean his shed and i saw a dirt bike under a tarp. i pulled it off and asked what it was. he said it was his old 1975 Honda XL250. he bought it in 75 and rode it everyday to work till 78 when he put it in the shed and never brought it out since. he talked to my dad and gave me and my dad the bike. my dad and i spent another year fixing the bike.



i rode her for 3 years but she started getting harder to start and less cooperative on the trails and just got tired. so my brother moved up from the 70 to a Yamaha TTR-125 and i decided it was time to start looking for a bike. i found a decent 1999 WR400 for $2000. we went and checked it out, and she was roughhhh, so we offerend him $1400 and needless to say i came home with a new bike. we spent the past month or so taking the bike apart and ordering many parts. and after a few weeks and lots of help from everyone here on TT we got her all back together. it was a pain in the rear waiting that long but it was good to know that everything was gunna be good to go. we got it running and i have yet to try it but as long as the weather gets better ill be out on it tomorrow.



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Only the bikes of significance:

1981 MX 100 - mom bought as a leftover and still have it for the kids

Had 3 different TT/XT 500s - decent trail machines for the era

Bought a used 1990 YZ 250 in 1995 and never looked back. Loved it and kept it for 15 years. Started racing HS but it was kind of rough on me. In hindsight I should have had the suspension set up for me, or upgraded to a newer model.

With age and family, wanted a quieter, reliable, trail capable race machine, with plating possibilities. Looked at WRF, CRF, and KXF. Researched on TT for a couple months, and settled on the WR. Searched for a month and found an 07 WR 450F with upgraded suspension for a sweet price, and brought it home.

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1 - 1960's Greeves 250 Trials(hand-me-down from Dad)

2 - 71 Hodaka 100B

3 - 73 Yamaha DT250

4 - 83 Honda XL 350

5 - 1980's Suzuki PE 175(hand-me-down from Dad)

6 - 1980's Canam 400(hand-me-down from Dad)

7 - 1990's Suzuki DR 350

8 - 00 Ca plated Wr 400 (Purchased New. Kept that one Till 2010 Never any problems ultra low Maint. Ran like a "Good ol Tractor")

9 - 08 WR 450 (Wow what a difference 10 years makes!)

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1974 Honda XL70 (my first and probably still running great today)

1975 Honda CR125 (hands down loudest bike I've ever ridden)

1976 Kawasaki KX125 (ok bike, still not sure why I bought it)

1978 Honda CR250R (fox air shox, Simons fork, great engine)

1981 Honda CR250R (first of the 250 water pumpers)

1982 Honda CR480R (Except for the 4-speed, not much to complain about)

1983 Kawasaki KX500 (Major detonation, but still most fun bike I've ever owned)

1982 Yamaha YZ490 (I'm one of the few that liked this bike)

1992 KTM 550 DXC (2-stroke, absolute engine of doom!)

1996 Kawasaki KLX650R (Top heavy, but faster engine than my next bike)

2002 Honda XR650R (I bought it before I liked to turn)

2008 Yamaha WR450F (IMO this is the next generation XR that Honda should have built, an absolute blast!)

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