02 WR250 stopping

I have just refitted my engine after a bottom end strip down.

When I started it up it ran for about 30-45 seconds then stopped abruptly. I thought it had nipped up but when I kicked it there was no problem.

I again started it and same thing happened.

Totally puzzled, any ideas...

Fuel, air, and spark. Make sure fuel is fresh and flowing, open the bowl drain to confirm. Choke working properly? Must be, it started twice. Spark, ah this can be tricky. Check your connections and grounds, then check the kill switch by pulling it out of the circuit and crank again. Also check the neutral wiring down near the shifter. If you didn't put in a new plug, do that too. Good luck.

Wait didn't somebody else have the exact same symptoms and it was his rings that were not lined up right?

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