03 yz 250 trans Oil?

I read somewhere one here that when you refill the trans oil to put in a certain amount because if you use the oil level drain bolt it is not accurate. Plus i dont want to take this bolt out when im checking the oil level. can anyone tell me the proper amount of oil to pour in.


750 ml

750 ml for an oil change.

800 ml for a rebuild.

(ooops, hit send @ the same time, not trying to one up as is disappointingly common sometimes)

Need to test the triangle-check hole theory, which is not good imho due to triangles being different.

Ah you bugger, one upped me... *rabble rabble rabble* :thumbsup:

rousing the rabble I'm not.......now where is that damn factory spec triangle....lol

Not too sure but yamaha delivers one with each bike, at least I got one when I bought mine :thumbsup: They should be pretty close in angle although sitting on the bike while connected to it it should change the angle.

I have mult. triangles that result in different angles.

me too and I have only one which came with the bike. I try It when I put the engine together again, it is anyway only a thought why that little screw is still in the case.



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