DRZ400 AMR Racing Grafix

Cant decide between these 2 (really like the Ed Hardy) but my gf tells me he makes gay clothing, not that I have anything against gay's but i dont want to turn my Supermoto into a SuperHOMO!!!!

Can anyone clarify which side of the line Ed Hardy is please (we dont see much ed hardy in the UK)

1st choice


Other choice


Which would you guys have??? :confused::thumbsup:


+1 for both "graphics"

Hmm go with The mad hatter I say.

Has anyone seen their camoplate graphics with a green design colour? Keen to see why it looks like, as u can't view what it looks like on the website.

skulls are out and old imo, unless you weigh 300 and ride a harley,wish they made video game graffix

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