Rmz 250 08 How Good ?

Well i've finally admited to myself that i'm not good enough for a 450 , i currently own a 08 rmz 450 , and have an offer of a straight swap with someone who has a 08 rmz 250 , I've never ridden a rmz 250 , how good are they ? and what can i expect from one ?

After our 08 had a bad crank at 18 hours and then a head rebuild at 40 hours we put a 290 kit in and haven't had any problems sence.... 200 hours not a 450 but my son beat them as well as the 250 2st. it's mostly rider....

As a stock 250.... Good as most, and better than some other 250f's.... about half the power of 450. still super turning power..... I wouldn't trade straight up though. $500 maybe.... KBB says the 450 is $2720 and the 250 is $2420....

now I would take $2420 for our 290!!!!!

i have a 08 rmz 250 and i love it. i mostly ride woods and more woods. only have taken my bike on a track once. but power wise the stock gearing is pretty good i think. good for woods no less. but when i know i'm gonna ride a faster past trails or track or desert i put on a 13 tooth in the front. you can really get after it in the higher rmp's. some people on here have told me to try 14 tooth cause they like the extra speed when they need it but i haven't tried it yet. over all its a good bike. i haven't had any problems with mine. but i bought mine brand new last summer, so i got low hours.

if you got the money to blow id look at the ktm 350. i have read every article about that bike since it came out i bet and i hear its awesome in every type of riding.

but then again its not a yellow bike lol. my 2 cents

my 08 never had a problem and i loved it, my dad is riding it now and still no issues.. it was a fantastic bike, definatly lacked a little bottom end but that can always be fixed

I'm a novice rider and bought an '08 RMZ250 last year. I love the bike. Every ride I get more comfortable with it and there is pleny of room to grow. I doubt I'll ever want more power. I rode a Cr150r yesterday and it felt like an overpowered toy...No more minis for me!

I think they are really nice bikes. You dont even have to think about turning when turning.

the 08 rmz250 is an awsome bike im so glad i picked it over a honda

the 08 rmz250 is an awsome bike im so glad i picked it over a honda

Haha yes! Love the yellow hate the red! :eek:

Also a rekluse exp in a 08 rmz 250 is amazing i just put it in and its so sweet!

Does any body have a vortex ignition for the 08 rmz250 that they would want to sell?

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