yz450f factory connection suspension

Well I picked up an 03 yz450f over winter and am just now starting to tinker with it. The suspension has been reworked by factory connection, resprung for sure and if someone took the time to have them do this I believe they had it revalved. It is far to harsh for my weight, the front fork springs on the label are a 0.49 (stock being 0.46), I'm only about 140lbs (without equipment). The current spring rates are far too harsh for my weight so i was wondering if I just put the stock spring rate springs back in would this create any issues with the possible valving changes? Thanks in advance for any guidance on this issue!

I think you may like the valving once you install the right springs for your weight.

there maybe a issue with the rebound being too much with the softer springs, but well worth a try before you get valving done.

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