How much do you usually pay to get your valves adjusted?

I think its time for mine to be adjusted or at least looked at. I reviewed the steps in the manual and don't feel like I can accomplish the task without messing something up.

Anyone know what the usual price is for something like this? I live in Cali.

should be a 4 hour job so take your local shop hourly rate and multiply by four

4 Hours?! Never. I just dug up an old bill from when I had my CRF150R and didn't know how to check valves at the time. My local shop charges $100/hr and the total for the job, including adjustment and 2 shims, was $160. That's only 1 1/2 hours, might take a little longer for the YZ/WR250F's. Still not cheap though.

25 min I can take the the seat/tank/valve cover off, check clearance and put back together. A mechanic should at least be able to do it in 45 min tops.

Learn to Do it yourself. All you need is a feeler gauge and a $20 caliper from Harbor Freight to measure the shim thickness, calculate what you need, and measure replacement shims. Allow an hour, add for replacing shims. If you're in spec, you're good to go.

Call a couple of shops and ask them what they would take to adjust the valves adjusting them and measuring them are too different things. To adjust them you have to remove the cams to check them you just need to slide a feeler gauge under there.

And yes doing a honda (uni-Cam) will be much different than a 5 valve dual cam motor

A one hour job (what you'll pay) to have them adjusted, 30 minutes to have them checked. A expert wrench can do an adjustment in 30 minutes but you'll still pay for an hours time. It can be money well spent if you are not sure of yourself as a mistake can be very costly.

Keep in mind, if the valves do need to be adjusted, it is a sign that soon, a valve job will be needed.

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