Am I out of luck?

Is the DRZ 400 SM still in production?

I live in FAR northern CA and I have about half the money saved to buy a used DRZ 400 SM. I used to have one but had to sell it when we bought a house (I miss it). I've been putting extra money aside to buy one without having to finance. I've been searching all of northern California on craigslist and in the last week, there isn't a single DRZ SM! I realize I may have to save longer and just buy a new one, but our local dealer is out and has been for a while. Am I just freakin out or am i going to have a hard time finding one in the next year?

You shouldn't have a problem. There around. Check craigslist but also check That's a pretty Good website. I see them quite frequently where I am. I would think in California it would be even easier but you may have to travel. I always am willing to when I buy stuff because you expand your horizons andFind more options obviously..

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