2010 400S rear shock leak-solution/suggestions?

4 months old with 1200km on it and the rear shock is leaking. Dealer says no problem we will order a new one, under warranty. Took them 3 days to get the part number, apparently Suzuki did not list it because they did not expect one to go?!? And they are saying 5-6 weeks to deliver one from Japan.

Anyhow, it is a white spring model. I tried to go to bike bandit to see if it is the same as older models, but they only go to 2009.

More importantly, I have a 5 day ride and camp trip coming up in two weeks (and was really looking forward to).

Does anyone know which other model shock might fit? e/sm/s model and year?

Procycle lists a shock seal head kit-would that solve the leak?

Is there an aftermarket part available that is an upgrade..i could always put that on, and when the new one comes in just do an exchange with the dealer for my leaky one. Or does anyone have a cheap used one, that fits? p.s. I am in Ontario, Canada. Unless I am upgrading, i don't want to spend a lot for a repair that is going to be temporary.

thanks for any advice

Get a head seal kit . It's the cheapest solution , if you havent done one before have a reputable dealer or a friend do it . You will also have to recharge the nitrogen.

I tried to go to bike bandit to see if it is the same as older models, but they only go to 2009.

i could be wrong, but i don't think there actually was a 2010 DRZ...they just kept selling the 2009 and then, this year, went straight from the 2009 model to the 2011 model. so, the info for 2009 might be correct for your bike.

again, i'm not positive about that, but i would look into if i were you.

Any DRZ400 E, S, or kicker (not sure about SM) shock will work. For starters have the pressure checked. Low nitrogen pressure can cause a leak. You don't need a seal head, just the seal. Very inexpensive and not hard for a professional to change. Your dealer should be able to send it off for you and have it done if they don't do suspension in house.

However, shocks that leak when nearly new often have a defect in the shaft that abrades the seal. So if that is the problem, it needs a new shaft also. It is worth having a suspension shop look at it.

if you or someone else modifies your bike with aftermarket parts that part might not be covered under warranty anymore. why don't you call suzuki, tell them your situation and ask them what they can do for you.

thanks for the suggestions so far. my bike is registered as a 2010, and the vin digit is an A

when i look at the parts fiche, it shows the shock, and the parts to fasten it to the bike, there is no break down of internals

i am not against resealing it, does anyone know of a place that can supply the seals...or is that something where a shop has to take apart the shock and match an oring or something?

we have had a long winter, and i think it rained every day in april, so I just want to ride :thumbsup:

take it to a shop that specializes on suspension. I bet there's a local one to you. ask around, referrals are your best bet. you might want them to set up the front and rear for your weight and riding while you're at it.


Have emailed Suzuki Canada, still no reply. I have had offer to replace seals in shock by aftermarket, but was cautioned that on a shock this new, it may be a flaw in the shaft which would just cause the seal to blow again...it is not easy for me to have the bike down for a long time, I use a friends garage.

I located a shock from an SM model from a fellow TT'er, searched with every search engine I knew but did not find a definitive answer.

Will the shock from a SM model fit an S ....or is the actual spring shorter to reduce the ride height?

Thanks, Mark

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