Renthal Bars crf150r

I'm sure this has been answer a few times... But can you point me the right direction. We just bought my 13 year old an 2007 150r, first day he bent the bars. Are they same as my Renthals on my CRF450r? If so when I buy Renthals should I cut them to make the smaller? Honestly I am sure I can find a pair on craiglist for 30 bucks.


I have used renthals fat bars on a mini and they were tough. You will need to get big bar adaptors which will raise the bars 3/4" and honda mini bend worked. Cut bars to fit rider.

We have Renthal RC high bend 7/8 bars on our 07 rb. Cut to length and your all set.

Fatbars are stronger than 7/8 renthal's. If the rider falls alot you will be replacing again just not as quick as stock.

I just put a set of renthal crf150r adult bend on my daughters bike. Also cut 3/4 of an inch of each end.

I use the 150r mini highs. Much less sweep. Opens up the cockpit.

I'm running Renthal 998 fat bars 32" wide (very little sweep) on RSW clamps with 3" risers in full forward position. Very strong, and like socalxr says, lots more room.

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