2005 CR250 what size flywheel weight should i put on it

Just bought this bike on saturday.. it is all original ... i ordered a fmf gnarly pipe and powercore 2 silencer for it this morning and since i ride in the woods a lot was think about getting a flywheel wieght for it but was wondering what size should i put on it....

I would ride it first to see if you truly need it

yea i rode it around for a lil bit and love it but i know how well they work and ridin on the east coast its always nice to have it in there

I could feel NO DIFFERENCE between a 10oz & a 12 oz. on my CR250. The medium 10 oz is a waste, imo. My suggestion is to get the heavy 12oz.

my bike like never stalls in the woods no matter how slow i go... i thought about getting a flywheel but im not sure if it would be worth it... what kind of difference would i notice with one on my bike?

i've said it before and ill say it again FWW are for p*ssy's you dont need one to ride in the woods ... esp with the 02-07 cr's they have a good grunt in the low end.. my buddies 07 is at home in the woods .. a dog every place else though

apparently u must have never rode a bike with a flywheel wieght to think they r for p*ssy's but thanks for ur time even though it dont help at all

their a waste of money better spent other places

In my experience on my 450 that had a +17oz flywheel, I could not tell a huge difference between it and the stock flywheel until I had the motor lugged down at/below idle speed, then it was night and day. In that siuation with the stock flywheel, the motor would stall with little to no warning, but with the +17 it would chug and clack just long enough for me to make a save with some clutch work. That being said, I think the cr250 is much easier to keep alive at low rpm's (I'd assume that is due to the longer stroke of the 250.:thumbsup:) than the 450 ever was, so a FWW could turn it into a tractor. If you think that you could benefit from one, get the biggest one you can find, I know it's on my short list.

i had a 2005 with a fmf gnarly and it smoother the hit out some. there was a artical in 1 of the mags about pipes for the 05 and they said the gnarly took most all the hit out of it and made a smooth and alot of torque so ride it with your new pipe and judge from there, you might be ok. i didn't use one.

Just been riding for about 8 months now, but I have 2000 cr250.

Only thing I ride is woods, tight and technical stuff. I've been riding right up until last weekend without a flywheel weight. I installed a 12oz and took it to Mcnutt on Saturday... Really changed how my bike works. Seemed to have way more low end grunt and I didn't have to ride it as high up in the rev's on the technical stuff.

Going to take a little getting used to but I am real happy with it.

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