Whats up with Zipty racing and the new 449

I did a search but I must not be putting in the right words.

Can anyone with first hand knowledge give us the skinny why the new 449 bikes have had so many DNFs and poor results in the dezert.

Kamo and Burson were both front runners last year.. but this year they have had a hard time getting across the finish line and have had little success... 4 DNFs at the National hare and hounds, pushed across the finish at Parker and 35th OA at the nevada 300.

What is it??? Can't be the same thing over and over.. I'd think with the resources that they could get all the teething pains out of the new bikes.

I'm not interested in hear say or rumors..

Just the facts and a little insider info is what I'm curious about.

NOTE: this not a Husky Sucks and/or a Husky Cheer leading thread... so no need to flame or bash...

1st year bike basically racing in a tough as nails Nat offroad series that goes way into the depths of finding failure points. Its an all new chassis/motor combo for both Nick (Husky last year) and now Dave coming from long time KTM riding to get dialed in on.

However that race data is pretty much all out there if you look, its not all dnf due to mech failures, stick through radiator DNF, crash DNF, shifter bent under motor from hit slowed forward motion. Some fuel issues, electrical as well, all these issues have been printed race by race. It takes some thrashing by those guys to find the weak points especially from an engineering standpoint Husky Italy has no model in R&D to test these bikes the way they are ridden here in the H&H series. 8th in last race for Kamo shows that they are getting the bikes to the checkers now and DK is getting more accustomed to the machine. As a race fan of all motorsports, a first year machine is a time and effort race developement item. Ty is all about bullet proof engineering (from SX to MX to enduro to Baja) its only 5 months into H&H (dez) racing season getting a H &H Pro level class bike to the finish is tough enough (see Caselli and Norman), a first year of issue machine takes time to get dialed/bulletproofed as well as with this new chassis design for the riders to learn how to exploit the setup. RN

see pm 2

Thanks Rob for the insight and the PM. I'm really interested to see how they do when they get these bikes dialed in for the desert. It's great to see not only one manufacture winning and really like there are multiple brands and names in the hunt for the "W"

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