2012 CRF150R/RB Announced

We got a news release from Honda this morning; they have a 2012 model that will be coming out....no date yet, and no MSRP. They aren't releasing much on the changes, and the picture of the new machine looks identical to the '09. Here is what they did say, however;

Front forks: still 37mm, different valving and "anti-friction design"

Motor: new head, cam and piston

Carb: new accelerator pump similar to the larger bikes.

What these changes actually mean is unknown at this time, other than the usual "more" and "better" adjectives that were liberally thrown about.

I also looked at that this morning.IMO who really knows about the motor changes, etc until the bikes are confirmed.

IMO who really knows about the motor changes, etc

So true. Just because a part has been changed, doesn't guarantee the changes will be significant or even discernable to the rider.

As far as "confirmed", the release was Honda's confirmation.

The new head will have a revized intake port shape much like the carbed version of the crf 250 although the head flow was good the velocities were slow in key areas in the head .changes in the floor of the port will assure more air sees the circumference of the vale.

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