This thing rips through tires??????

After less than 500 miles on my bike the nobbies are non-existent and the tire is so thin that It wore right through so that I could see the bands inside the tire and got a flat. So I figure that I would go away from the stock tire since it didnt last too long. I ordered a pair of Kenda Carlsbad tires from Rockymountain for $40. Has anyone tried these? They got good reviews from Dirt Rider magazine and they said that they last a long time? Does anyone have any input on this tire and any other tires that will last alot longet than stock? Thanks, Denis :)

all i can say is these bikes just go through tires. Me i say buy the cheap ones, they wear out just a quick as the spendy ones. But hey no one likes what i say anyway

I have a quick question for you. Im not too familiar with carbs, and all of the differant needles and stuff you listed confuses the hell out of me. Can you tell me the stock sizes and what you changed and things like that. My bike is runnung great right now in the bottom and top of the throttle, however; When I am at constant throttle in the midrange it runs like crap. Right now I have the JD blue needle in with a 170 jet? I also have the zip ty fuel screw. Adjusting the fuel screw has no effect on the idle( I thought it was supposed to?) DO you have any suggestion? I guess the question is kinda long, sorry about that. any help would be great. Thanks, Denis

Yeah they sure do! :) I am on my third front and sixth rear tire this season ( and I am not counting the stock junk tires I burned through in 700 miles! Expensive! :D

The longest lasting tire so far I have found is Bridgestone Gritty the stock Dunlop is a nice tire but very soft and is in shreds in no time especially on the rocky bits.

I also found I was shredding tires because I was riding like a 2 stroke initially.

Buy cheap tires, and get good at changing them. I have gone through 3 fronts and 7 rears in a year and a half. I have had good luck with the Bridgestone ED/ Enduro tires they are street legal and work very well on intermediate to soft terrain. :)

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